"Great networks are built on the foundation of relevance and like-mindedness." -Jay Kingley, Founder & CEO
We understand that you don't have time to waste on networking that doesn't yield results -- that's why Centricity was created.  We help you develop important allies and advocates for your business in a fraction of the time that it would normally take. You'll build vital relationships with business owners and professionals who share your target market and are like-minded about their business and professional growth. 
Our meetings are facilitated by Certified Centricity Leader (CCL) and use agenda items that accelerate the business relationship-building process. Centricity members experience meaningful results by tapping into our network. In fact, relationships built across our network lead to high rates of referrals and collaboration (with a 79.3% close rate in 2018).
You will also be expanding your network hyper-efficiently. Instead of attending networking events and hoping for the best, we put you in the right room with the right people and facilitate the conversations. Plus, by using our focused video conference format, you save time by not having to commute, park, etc.
And, we don't ask for any long-term commitments --membership is month-to-month. We're quite confident you will see the value and simply ask that you come on-time and be willing to engage with our other high-caliber members. Simply request an invitation to get started.
Build Your Network for Success

Build Relevant 


You will develop allies and advocates for your business that are relevant to your target market.


Using our facilitated meetings, efficiently develop your network with like-minded people. We have a fast-paced, fun agenda that helps everyone get to know each other faster.

Build Trust and  Share Knowledge

Our process helps allies generate new opportunities for each other. You will gain new clients, ideas and grow professionally

Expand Your Network

You will grow your entire network, so you build the core, plus make new acquaintances that may become future allies and advocates. 

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