"Client acquisition in B2B is about relationships. But, it's not just about developing them, it's also about learning how to leverage these strategic relationships for sustainable growth. Our members build the right network and learn proven techniques and communication methods to optimize the results.
-Jay Kingley, Founder & CEO

FACT: 84% of B2B purchase decisions start with a referral. So, your network is your most important acquisition channel. Are you managing it that way? Are you using leading-edge techniques to expand and optimize your business network for growth? Do you know the best ways communicate with and leverage referral partners? Well, now you're in the right place.

Through Centricity facilitated virtual meetings with other B2B professionals we will collaborate with you to strategically expand and activate your network. You'll develop core relationships that will help grow your business. Plus, you will work with other B2B pros to implement proven methods that help you acquire and retain clients.

You've likely been limited to networking locally, but with Centricity you will expand your network geography to maximize the opportunities for your services.

Do you already spend time building your professional network? Now, it's time take those efforts to the next level. Together, we'll transform your business network into an engine for sustainable business growth. And we'll do this -- from the convenience of your own desk.

 (1) Strategically expand and activate your business network for B2B.
 (2) Grow your network geography to maximize opportunities.
(3) Fine-tune your messaging & acquisition tactics to generate quality referrals & close business.

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