We help you build allies and advocates for your business that go beyond referrals.

It's all about running in the right circles. We put you in the right room, with the right people. Then, give you an efficient process to transform your new relationships into allies and advocates that generate real growth for your business. We facilitate the entire process.
Here's what we do:

(1) Assess

We assess your business objectives and current network.

(2) Design & Match

Based on the needs of your business, your target market and industry, we will match you with a specific group in Centricity.

(3) Expand & Strengthen

We then help you build and expand your network allies and advocates within the group and through other parts of the Centricity Network.

(4) Facilitate & Map to Success

Since our groups are facilitated by Certified Centricity Leaders, we monitor your experience in our network to ensure you are building and leveraging the right relationships. 

Beyond Networking

No more aimless networking and waiting for a serendipitous moment.  Everyone is in your group is relevant, like-minded and our unique process helps you build your network successfully and efficiently.
Now, imagine you haven't even left your office. That's right, no time wasted commuting and parking. You'll be on a video conference right at your desk!  We do full group, breakout groups, and one-on-one sessions all via video conference.  Our live events enable in-person meetings too, for those in the same geography.
Finally, all meetings are lead by a Certified Centricity Leader (CCL), so each group is guided through our process that helps you build out your network with ease.

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