"An effective, meaningful networking experience from the convenience of my own desk. Thank you, Centricity."

Lauren Hauptman,  Owner - Lauren Hauptman Ink

"Centricity has helped me generate new opportunities, plus provided professional growth and great camaraderie." 

Darian Muresan, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CTO Iconasys


"I know building my network is important but as a busy owner-operator of my own Insurance agency I wear multiple hats and time is tight. Belonging to my business Inner Circle run by Centricity has been one of the best investments I’ve made. I’m building quality relationships quickly." 

Jeff O. Jones - Best Insurance Pro

"Centricity has provided me value and an ROI by connecting me with qualified leads and new business opportunities"

Marc Brookland, CEO-Founder  - SEO Locale


"Centricity is very different from networking. It's a strategic and more efficient use of my time." 
Alan Meckler Vice President - Cornerstone Financial Group


"The group is made up of fantastic people who truly employ the networking concept.  I also like the format of the meetings - such a great way to quickly get to know your fellow businessmen and women."

Robbin Butler  - Entrepreneur


"I have received more referrals that have turned into closed business in two years being a member of the Somerset Hills BPA using Centricity's program than I did in 4 years at BNI."

Denise Mooney,Avenue Travel Group - American Express


"We decided to bring in Centricity because they offer the right format to create these relationships faster, have them become productive, and elevate us as a whole.."

Lawrence Moskowitz - Financial Advisor


"Building strategic relationships is essential to growing my business and Centricity helps me do this quickly and effectively."

Chuck Hendershot CEO-Founder- Feel@Home Realty

"Great group of people who share much more than leads. They share insights and experiences."

Jessica Levin Sullivan, Founder - Got a Guy


"This is the most efficient way I've come across to build  important business relationships."

M. Alan Blum  - Software Consultant


"Centricity helps you generate meaningful professional relationships that can lead to real business growth."

Sherri Langburt CEO - Babbleboxx


"Ever wonder where I ...get all the connections that I am blessed to share with my business associates and friends? Wonder no more! Relationships are valued and cultivated, ... Centricity is the answer! "

Rosemary Rosencrans Managing Member - Wizard Accounting


"This network has transformed my business and it really happened faster than I would have thought it could. I'm so glad I took the opportunity when I did. "

Alan Bernstein  - Financial Advisor

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