"Client acquisition in B2B is about relationships. But, it's not just about developing them, it's also about learning how to leverage these strategic relationships for sustainable growth.
-Jay Kingley, Founder & CEO


Our Solution:

Like many elite professionals, you may find it challenging to consistently build a pipeline of new business while maintaining existing clients.  We help you solve this problem. Think of us this way: (1) we're a nationwide network of established B2B focused consultants, business development professionals, service professionals and business owners, AND (2) we're an executive workshop for professionals to master proven techniques for client acquisition and retention - specifically for B2B. This unique combination generates the business network and strategic approach for our members to consistently generate new business, while maintaining existing clients.

FACT: 84% of B2B purchase decisions start with a referral.*  So, one's business network just might be the most valuable asset they own. That’s why it needs to be built and managed strategically.​ Through Centricity facilitated virtual meetings with other B2B professionals we collaborate with members to thoughtfully expand and activate their business networks. Core relationships are developed with professionals who are strategically aligned and can help grow each other's businesses. But, that’s just the beginning of what we do together. 

​Imagine being in the same virtual room with like-minded B2B pros to discover the best positioning and messaging to maximize results from client acquisition efforts. These are outcome-driven and professionally facilitated meetings with other business owners and salespeople who are also in growth mode. The weekly practice and group support help members hone proven strategies for optimal success that generate high-quality referrals reliably.


Finally, members of the Centricity Network become business allies & advocates for each other. This not only generates referrals routinely, but it also provides a network of go-to experts for members to tap at any time. The top professionals don't just get clients, they retain them by having answers and resources available at a moment's notice. Members of Centricity provide that for each other.

Expand Your Business Geography

Most professionals develop their network locally, so their business expansion is built on that limited foundation. Centricity members expand their network geography to maximize the opportunities for their services. Pause to think about that for one second. Members are positioned to grow their businesses exponentially since they build new professional relationships across North America.


In a world that is working virtually, geographic borders in business are truly illusory. A Centricity built business network is positioned to generate substantial growth in this changing world. For those who provide a service that does not get stopped at the state border, growth will not only come from honing  messaging and client acquisition techniques, it will come from geographic expansion via the Centricity Network.

Why It Works

In today's world, business owners are becoming more cynical, skeptical, and unwilling to believe something that doesn’t come from a trusted source. For B2B professionals, this means the time it takes to go from introduction to paying client is taking longer, the number of leads needed has increased, while the conversion rate has decreased. Thus, the cost to acquire a new client in money, time and aggravation is skyrocketing and the need for access to decision-makers via one's network is even more crucial.

Centricity helps its members expand and optimize a network of trusted B2B professionals and business owners. The process is first about developing the right network for their business. Then, using proven communication and client acquisition methods that help routinely generate new business while retaining existing clients. 

We wake up every morning excited to work with members looking to be the best at what they do. If that's your mindset, simply set up some time with us or come to an introductory event. 

 (1) Strategically expand and leverage your business network for B2B.
 (2) Workshop your brand messaging and acquisition techniques
(3) Acquire new clients from high-quality referrals from the network.

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