3 Reasons Why Networking Online is a Big Advantage

There are some powerful advantages to networking online to build a winning business network. First, a simple one, you don't waste any time getting to an event, parking, etc. You become far more efficient with your time. You'll be in a video conference with other like-minded professionals, focused and using your time wisely. That's worth real dollars, as you save hours every week. Second, you don't have to approach anyone to start a conversation. It's all right in front of you, we facilitate the conversations. We step you through an agenda that makes it easy to build these new business relationships. So, we've taken away the awkward approaches, the standing alone, the uneasiness. It's simply an easier process with people who want the same outcome as you.


Also, when you're networking online you can easily expand your geographic boundaries. Traditional networking is so limited by location, while online allows you to meet people from across the world if you so desire. This is an incredible advantage for B2B professionals who can serve clients anywhere. By no fault of their location, they've been held back by traditional networking. Online networking opens up new opportunities. Think about it this way, if you're a B2B professional in a big city, you're likely targeting only 1-2% of the country. Now, with online networking and our process, you can grab the other 98%. Of course, we provide the solution best for you, so if you need a business network with focused geography, we have those groups as well.

By enabling 1-on-1s, small breakout groups, and full groups in our agenda, your business networking online is multi-faceted. No more getting stuck in one long conversation that isn't a productive use of your time. That doesn't exist in our environment. Centricity helps you expand your business network efficiently and effectively. 


It's a truly game-changing experience.