Your Centricity membership offers you an array of options to build and monetize your business network. We strongly suggest you take advantage of these benefits as your schedule permits.

Executive Circle Benefits:

YOUR EXECUTIVE CIRCLE (weekly) - Facilitated by a Centricity Certified Coach (CCC) this group is designed to build core business allies, in your target market. You will work together to understand how to best leverage each other's expertise. You will develop skills and strategies that help each other grow his or her respective businesses, but can also be used outside the group. You are able to stay in close communication with other members via your Slack channel. 

BUSINESS ROUNDTABLES (monthly) - Our monthly Roundtables are designed for network expansion. Members go outside their core group and build new connections by target market. You are also able to attend other Roundtables outside your target market as well. These meetings are facilitated by a CCC. Elite members are preregistered for their target market, so you simply need to login.

CEO COACHING SESSIONS (weekly) - Every Monday you can work directly with one of our CCC's on your professional insight story. You will sharpen your professional brand and position yourself to gain new opportunities. Spots are limited, so ask about registration.

NETWORKING EVENTS (quarterly) - Network with members and non-members right from your desk. We have different formats, but our QuickConnect speed networking is most common.


WATERCOOLER CHATS (weekly) - If you work from home or just need a break from your office mates, this is simply a chance to meet other members and talk about any topic at all. You can pop in each week.

GROWTH REWARDS PROGRAM - Members gain points with attendance, referrals, earned business and more. Then, surprise rewards come your way. To learn more click here.

INNER CIRCLES are by invitation only. To find out more, please set up an appointment.