Member Benefits
Your Centricity membership offers you an array of options to build and monetize your business network. We strongly suggest you take advantage of these benefits to get the most out of your membership.

Your Circle (weekly)

Facilitated by a Centricity Certified Coach (CCC) you will work with other B2B professionals to strategically build and activate your business networks.  Your Executive Circle will teach you how to position your business with different target audiences and arm you with communication and tactics to develop new business. Simultaneously you will develop important business relationships and build your business network for success.

You're preregistered for your Circle meeting, so you simply need to log in each week.

Business Roundtable (monthly)

The monthly Roundtables are designed to help you expand your network. You'll go outside your Executive Circle and build new connections that share the same broad target market. 




You're preregistered for your Roundtable target market, so you simply need to log in.

Coaching Sessions (weekly)

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While you look through your trees, we'll look at your forest. Every Monday participate in a group coaching session with Jay Kingley, the CEO on any element of The Centricity Method. Jay has a Wharton MBA and has been taught by the best of the best in sales. You will sharpen your professional brand and position yourself to gain new opportunities. Spots are limited.

Networking Events (weekly)

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Broaden your network right from your desk. These events can expand your network in a variety of ways, including your geographic reach. Plus, it's a great opportunity to practice techniques you've learned along the way. As a member, you'll be able to give a short introduction to all the attendees and receive their contact information.

Watercooler Chats (weekly)

If you work from home or just need a break from your office mates, this is simply a chance to meet other members and talk about any topic at all. You can pop in each week.


No registration required, check the slack channel #upcoming-events for the log in.

Growth Rewards

Members gain points with attendance, referrals, earned business and more. Then, surprise rewards come your way. To learn more click here.