Growth Rewards

It's simple. Get rewarded as you grow with Centricity.

How does Growth Rewards work?
You will receive points* for different accomplishments within Centricity. Things like:
  • Attend your weekly Inner Circle meeting on time (10 pts)
  • Meet your fellow members outside the meeting (10 pts)
  • Make quality introductions to other members (25 pts). The introduction turns into a client (50 pts)
  • Make a mutual email introduction to Centricity (50 pts). If they turn into a member (100 pts)
Accumulating points allows you to achieve different levels and receive rewards along the way.
Are you ready to be rewarded?
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* Activity from January 1, 2020, onwards eligible for points and rewards
* Must be a member in good standing and a non-trial member to receive rewards. Only Inner Circle members can earn points.
* Points, levels, and rewards may change at our discretion