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"Building vital relationships is essential to growing my business and Centricity helps me do this quickly and effectively." 

Chuck Hendershot CEO-Founder- Feel@Home Realty


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How We Help You

Your business network is the source of new clients, opportunities and professional growth. But, even the savviest of professionals struggle to develop their network effectively and efficiently. We help you strategically build your network so that you quickly develop the relationships you need to grow. Plus, we'll help you expand your entire network and overall professional visibility.


As you may know, your business network consists of three parts:


(1) People you meet (acquaintances)

(2) People you know (advocates) and 

(3) People you trust (allies). 


Developing each part of your network is essential, knowing that the real dividends come from your allies and advocates (or your Center of Influence). Read More


Your Business Network
Your Allies & Advocates
Achieve measurable results

How will you know if your business network is built for success?

Here are the elements we're focused on:

(1) Expanding member's networks with professionals relevant to their businesses


(2) High-quality referrals from member to member. Referrals through the Centricity network closed at a rate of 79.3% last year. 


(3) Professional growth. We're focused on making sure members learn about other related businesses, so they sharpen their game. Plus, being in the network increases member's visibility in the marketplace.


We'll match you with a Centricity Network based on the following:




Target market

You will be in the right room with the right people.
Explore Weekly or Monthly Groups:
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