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Dr. Mark Lund , CEO and Entrepreneur

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(1) Strategically develop your business network
(2) Expand the geography of your network to maximize opportunities
(3) Learn how to activate your network for maximum success
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Your business network should be a source of new clients, opportunities, and professional growth. But, even the savviest of professionals struggle to develop their network effectively and efficiently. And, even more challenging, is transforming your business network into a growth engine. We help you do both -- from the convenience of your own desk.

Through our signature program and weekly video conferences, we collaborate with you to strategically build and activate your network. You will develop the vital relationships you need to grow your business and work together to develop the best ways to leverage your respective expertise.


You've likely been limited to networking locally, but with Centricity, you will expand your network geography to maximize the opportunities for your services.

You already spend time building your professional network. Now it's time you build it strategically and leverage it to generate more business and opportunities. 


How it works

Imagine being in the right room with the right people for your business without leaving your "office". Yes, it's possible -- we do it every day! You'll participate in out-come driven and professionally facilitated meetings via video conference with other business owners and salespeople who are accessing your targeted buyer.


We collaborate with you to find the right group within the Centricity Network. A Centricity Coach will help you develop ways to strategically activate your network and leverage your new business allies by staying top of mind and becoming a go-to resource.

Simply follow the meeting format, designed to drive results and you'll be on your way to having a network of trusted professionals that will stop the feast or famine nature of sales.


Why it works

We Build Trusted Business Relationships for Today's World

We live in an age of fake news and fake reviews. As a result, the buyer is becoming more cynical, skeptical, and unwilling to believe something that doesn’t come from a trusted source. For service-based professionals, this means the time it takes to go from introduction to paying client is taking longer, the number of leads you need has increased, the conversion rate has decreased, which means the cost to acquire a new client in money, time and aggravation has increased.

This is critical since referrals are the main source of business for service professionals. In fact, 84% of B2B purchase decisions start with a referral, so getting this right is everything.


Centricity is the most effective and efficient way to build the necessary trust to counteract these trends. By helping professionals establish real business allies and then helping members leverage this strategic network, we help service-based professionals get off the networking hamster wheel to generate the business they expect from the effort they put in. 

84% of B2B purchase decisions start with a referral.
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